Are meaningful music videos the new trend?


The main actor in the “Wings” music video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Ravina Gujral, ScotCenter Segment Editor

Recently, many different types of artists have been going the extra mile in creating music videos that not only have sentimental value for themselves, but also contain many deeper meanings that relate to others.

Through these music videos, artists are able to further explain what the meaning behind their songs are in a unique and creative way. Some artists/bands tend to use themselves as the main focal point for acting in their videos, while others hire professionals to represent what their music is explaining.

Numerous different genres have sentimental music videos, each with a different vibe and atmosphere. Some of these include “Story Of My Life” by One Direction, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” by Ed Sheeran, and “Wings” by Macklemore.

 “Story Of My Life” by One Direction provides more of a mellow and positive sound supported by the band members acting in the music video. This video has more of a personal experience special to themselves, since the majority of the video is a reenactment of old photos with their families.

The lyrics essentially talk about the story of their lives which include their families and the millions of fans around the world. Overall, the video captured the desired outcome well and proved to be a meaningful music video.

Junior Jenna Mourad said, “I thought it really showed the more emotional side of their music and shaped what type of people they truly are.”

“You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” by Ed Sheeran has a confident and upbeat vibe with an actor using sign language to interpret the lyrics sung. This provides an interesting twist and adds to the deep effect that Sheeran tries to incorporate in the video.

The message of the video succeeds in giving the viewers confidence in themselves and had an interesting approach in creating a sentimental music video. This relates closely to Sheeran’s own experiences, but also reaches out to listeners who have the same outlook on life.

Junior Maddy McGee stated, “It’s different from Ed Sheeran’s other songs since it has a more powerful sound and way of acting. The setting was interesting, and although repetitive at certain points, it was well made and had a great message.”

“Wings” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has a very serious setting with numerous actors and some footage of Macklemore himself. The different angles and unique way of filming it helped make it such a powerful and emotional music video.

The video explores the infatuation of name brand items, where people use this consumerism to define their identity. It relates to Macklemore and many others who have ever had the need for branded products, and goes to a larger extreme to reveal how important the issue is.

“I thought the strong, emotional angle Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took for the music video made the message very effective. It’s deeper meaning relates to many people today and was very well made,” commented junior Neeshae Wain.

Throughout these new, meaningful music videos, artists are able to truly showcase what their music is trying to convey to others and themselves, drawing in more fans and viewers in the process.

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