ASB colors the halls with information


Zaina Abdelrahman

Sophomore Rachel Gu designs a flyer to inform the student body of events around school.

Zaina Abdelrahman, Staff Writer

The ASB publicity commission advertises school events through colorful paint, markers, and poster paper. They help promote campus events so that students are aware of what is happening in their community.

Rachel Gu, a sophomore and publicity commissioner, said, “Publicity helps beautify the school and advertise for any event, whether it is in the form of assembly decorations or posters.”

The publicity commission requires not only marketing and publicity tactics but also the ability to create artwork that draws the students’ attention towards the posters.

Jen Dirstine, a senior and publicity commissioner, said, “I chose to be in publicity because I’ve enjoyed art my entire life and publicity was the perfect opportunity to continue creating art while serving the school.”

Many of the commissioners feel a strong bond between each other because the process of making the artwork takes a long time, allowing them to bond as a group.

“We spend a lot of time working in and outside of class on assembly decorations, which has helped create a fun and welcoming group that loves to work and spend time together,” said Dirstine.

Although the commission members bond over their artwork, they also face immense pressure to advertise their peers’ work and make sure people know about every event.

Millan Kanaya, a senior and publicity commissioner, said, “Publicity is one of those commissions that works year-round; every day is a busy day. Since we work with so many different commissions, I think we have a big impact on the way ASB is perceived.”

The commission works with almost every other commission in ASB, but their work with the assemblies commission is often considered the most prevalent to the student body.

“Our biggest projects throughout the year are decorating the gym for the three main assemblies: the Homecoming, Heritage Fair, and Celebration assemblies. We work with every commission to make sure that the activities they planned have a great turnout and go the best they can,” said Dirstine.