Human relations commission speaks up for change


Rachel Kang

Human relations commissioners Lucy Perrone, Divya Menon, and Liz Boman ran the white board lunch time activity for gender equality week on March 8.

Rachel Kang, Staff Writer

Bright lights flashing, smiles beaming, and laughter echoing across the quad. That’s what the students of Carlmont experience multiple times a year thanks to the human relations commission of ASB.

The commission supervisor is a junior named Jade Sebti. According to Sebti, the mission of the human relations commission is to increase awareness of social, cultural, and political events.

Some of the commission’s activities include campus beautification, dogs in the quad, gender equality week, the testing book drive, and the school-wide mock election.

Most recently, the commission has been running different lunchtime activities for gender equality week in the quad. This includes having students write on whiteboards why they believe in gender equality, then having their picture taken.

For freshman Francesca D’Urzo, these events are a fun and creative way to bring awareness to important issues.

“Participating in the gender equality event was really fun! I feel that by holding these events, ASB spreads awareness about current issues like gender equality. It’s a fun and easy way to involve the student body and talk about the topic at hand,” said D’Urzo.

The human relations commission hopes to educate others on social problems as well as find solutions to them.

Sophomore Divya Menon said, “I think our commission is important because we’re the only commission whose sole focus is social change. We work solely in humanities and working towards a better future.”

For junior and human relations commissioner Liz Boman, this change comes with a lot of time and energy.

“We put a lot of work into everything that we do and it’s really appreciated when people participate and take what we do seriously,” said Boman.