Publicity Commission informs student body


Izzy Lunderman

Hand drawn posters from the publicity commission are hung on lockers in C-hall.

Izzy Lunderman, Staff Writer

While roaming through Carlmont’s hallways, students notice vibrant posters adorned on lockers and walls publicizing sports events and other activities.

The posters depict hand-drawn images of events such as the upcoming UNO tournament in March, a Just Dance tournament in the quad, school sports games, and much more.

A section of ASB known as the Publicity Commission is in charge of the decor seen throughout the hallways.

Their job is to create and tape posters around Carlmont to get the message about upcoming events to the students.

For publicity supervisors and seniors Olivia Smith and Laura Banazek, having a commission full of talented artists makes the process of designing posters effortless.

“With a commission full of talented artists, I trust that everything will be made to the best of our abilities and we will shed a positive light on whatever the project is at the moment,” said Banazek.

Throughout the year, the publicity commission is responsible for encouraging Carlmont students to get involved in events held at school through their eye-catching posters hung in popular places.

Like many other students, sophomore Cole Davies believes that seeing posters about sports and activities he is interested in makes him want to go to them even more.

“For any basketball game, it makes me want to go and watch it with my friends,” said Davies.

With clubs and ASB events planned throughout the year, brainstorming different themes to match with the corresponding events becomes a fun challenge.

For Smith, utilizing her artistic ability to create the posters is the perfect way to improve on her skills while also making a difference at her school.

“I love being in publicity because I love to draw and paint. So, this commission is the perfect combination of working to make a difference at school by getting other students involved and having an outlet to be creative and improve my artistic abilities,” said Smith.

Likewise, Smith and Banazek aim to aid ASB and clubs in their process of advertising and help make the procedure go more smoothly.

“We want to help publicize for all the events that ASB and clubs put on in creative ways so that students will be more enthusiastic about the events,” said Banazek.