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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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ASB reflects on the past and prepares for the future

Maya Lip
A few ASB members huddle together after an emotional speech.

Beginning on the first day of school, ASB’s job was to create a spirit-filled environment. As the last day of school approaches, they will continue their mission into the upcoming school year.

From school-wide assemblies to low-risk activities at lunch, ASB puts a lot of effort into the engagement of the Carlmont community. Some of this year’s favorites include Scotsland and MORP.

Next year will not only bring new students but also new ideas to expand on in ASB.

“This year, I really enjoyed a lot of the events that took place. I particularly enjoyed prom, MORP, Scotsland, kindness week, and the lunchtime rallies we had because they were very spirited and participants had a great time,” said Sloan Adrouny, a sophomore.

With seniors leaving, some commissioners will take on the role of supervisors next year. A few already have plans in mind to implement change in their future commissions.

“I want to see more inclusivity within our events; a lot of the student body doesn’t feel comfortable with some of our events. Assemblies are mandatory so I feel like that would be the perfect place to make ASB events more welcoming to people that don’t always perceive it that way,” said Edrina Hamzeh, a junior and upcoming assemblies commission supervisor.

From using leadership skills and interacting with the student body, students have evolved as individuals and improved themselves over the course of the school year.

“ASB has taught me how to stand up for myself, how to feel more confident overall, and that it is okay to branch out and expand my personality style,” said Kaija Villagrand, a junior and upcoming reach out commission supervisor.

During the extensive application process, the new members made lasting impressions on next year’s ASB executive board.

“It was difficult to piece together what we saw as a cohesive and talented ASB. We had to deny some amazing people. However, I am fully confident in the job that the executive board has done in choosing next year’s ASB. As for the change they’ll bring, I think next year’s new members are very diverse with their backgrounds, extracurriculars, and experience,” said Joe Sison, a junior and future ASB president.

One of these new members is a sophomore named Lillian Rozansky. She was inspired to join ASB by the immense amount of spirit found at football games.

“Whenever I went to a football game and stood with the Screaming Scots, I always felt like this was my place in school. When March came around and people were applying, I took a chance and am so happy that I got in. I think everyone brings a different aspect to ASB. But once we come together, we are unstoppable,” Rozansky said.

Jim Kelly, the ASB advisor, is looking forward to the new additions and ideas coming to ASB next year.

“The program continues to grow in size and that always brings some challenges for me in that I am spread fairly thin. But, that allows the ASB veterans and leaders to have more of an impact.” Kelly said.

Meanwhile, as Sison prepares to slip into his new position of ASB president, he voices his eagerness to bring change and motivation to Carlmont.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to be associated, by virtue of position, with incredible people of ASB past. My goal is to build off the foundation and precedent of those who have come before, to both continue old traditions and begin new ones. I would like to place an emphasis on ASB fully understanding the ASB mission and how the events and activities we do contribute and fulfill our mission,” Sison said.

Kenna Kwok, ASB service council vice president, felt nervous at the beginning of the election due to the pressures of filling such an important role. Eventually, she realized that she was elected for a reason and overcame that fear.

“To be perfectly honest, it was not the easiest for me to transition from a publicity commissioner to the role of vice president, all within my first year of ASB. I had doubts and worries that I was not qualified enough, but switched my mentality quickly, simply by realizing that I was elected, meaning people put trust and faith into me.” Kwok said. “That was enough for me to realize that it was perfectly fine that I did not have the most knowledge about ASB and its inner-workings because I was constantly learning.”

On the contrary, Sison has felt pressure within himself after taking on this position.

“I do feel lots of internal pressure wanting to live up to my potential and leaving a legacy that’ll live on even when I leave ASB. It’s something I myself am still thinking about,” Sison said.

ASB members feel nostalgic as they recall some of their favorite moments and are excited to pass on these valuable experiences to the new members.

“My favorite moment of this year was probably the end of the ASB field trip. While I really enjoyed the whole weekend and the memories that were made, the end of the field trip was extra special because we all sat in a big circle in the middle of the forest and talked about our favorite memories. There was so much love, trust, and respect present at that time. Every time I think about that experience, I can’t help but smile,” Adrouny said.

ASB will be constantly evolving as the years go on but it will always maintain its purpose.

Sison said, “There were highs and lows. Not everything went according to plan. But, for as long as ASB’s platform is built from the bonds and connections we have, ASB will continue to thrive.”

About the Contributor
Maya Lip, Staff Writer
Maya Lip is a sophomore at Carlmont High School. She is a member of ASB at her school and YAC for San Carlos.  She enjoys photography, listening to music, and anything with avocados. Twitter: @mayalip1

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
ASB reflects on the past and prepares for the future