Students elect new ASB officers


Kathryn Stratz

Sophomore Sophia Mercado exercises her voting rights during lunch on Feb. 24.

Kathryn Stratz, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s halls were filled with campaign posters and encouraging signs that read, “vote for me,” during the weeks before Feb. 24.

However, campaign season has officially come to an end.

The election results for ASB president and class officer positions have been released.

The ASB president for the 2017-2018 school year is Tiffany Chung, a current junior. 

I am surprised by the election results. All of the candidates were qualified and put their best foot forward during the campaign period,” said Chung.

The race was particularly tough for this role as there were four students running for the same position.

“We all had an equal chance of being elected,” said Chung.

Elections can be confusing for students due to all the different campaign methods as well as the remaining stereotype that ASB elections are a popularity contest.

“I hope that people vote ethically and for the people they think are the most qualified,” said current sophomore Vice President Kyle Dimick.

A lot of effort went into all of the competitors’ campaigns.

Dimick was re-elected as junior vice president for the 2017-2018 school year.

Even though his campaign was easier this year, as he was unopposed, he had the full campaign experience his freshman year. 

“There’s quite a bit to do. First of all, you have to get your platform done, then start posters with catchy phrases and have those approved. After, you have to make a video. It takes super long to make a nice video that will get approved and is two minutes and 30 seconds long,” said Dimick.

The process, while consuming, is necessary in order to create a student government that will fulfill its duties.

“Officers are crucial to creating that spirited atmosphere on campus. The effort, the energy, and the organization all come from the students, not from me because it’s a student government,” said Carlmont Activities Director Jim Kelly.

I am eager for next year and I will try my absolute hardest to be the president Carlmont needs.”

— Tiffany Chung

The newly elected student body leaders have big shoes to fill, but Kelly is excited for each of them to show their capabilities.

I have the highest standards. They need to follow in the footsteps of amazing leaders who have come before them to create the atmosphere here,” said Kelly.

Chung is looking forward to fulfilling her role as a leader next school year, despite the large responsibility.

“I have to admit, it is intimidating to step into this position since there have been so many amazing presidents in the past. However, I am eager for next year and I will try my absolute hardest to be the president Carlmont needs,” said Chung.

Next year looks hopeful for Chung and all of Carlmont.

I believe the newly elected students will work well together. We are all capable leaders who are determined to make Carlmont the best it can be,” said Chung.

As the leadership teacher, Kelly’s input is important to students. While he is a neutral figure in the election process, he does help decide if students are qualified.

“It’s human nature to have an opinion on somebody, but what I always remind myself is that the students are relatively young and inexperienced as leaders. It, therefore, becomes my job to teach that person leadership skills. I would never have enough bias to be disappointed if somebody won,” said Kelly.

Carlmont’s well-known and widespread spirit will continue into next year with new faces leading ASB.

Kelly said, “I don’t know about other schools, but I think our student government and students are a model for what other high schools should be.”