New ASB president brings unique perspective


Andrea Butler

Valerie Wang works on a project for ASB.

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

Valerie Wang is the first ASB president that hasn’t been a class officer before and the first ASB president that came from the Service Council sector rather than the Activities sector. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s any less competent than those who came before her.

Wang first became interested in becoming ASB president when she heard Jim Kelly, the ASB supervisor, talk about how each new class has the responsibility to change the culture of Carlmont. That idea really appealed to her, so she felt that she wanted to have a position in ASB where she could achieve that.

“This year, when I thought I saw an opportunity to run and was confident enough in myself, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me,” Wang said.

This year, when I thought I saw an opportunity to run, and me being confident enough in myself enough to run, I felt like that was the perfect opportunity for me.”

— Valerie Wang

Being the first ASB president that didn’t previously hold a class officer position comes with a responsibility to prove that she can succeed. According to Wang, many ASB members are appreciative of the difference, especially considering that she initiated the change.

“Valerie works super hard and has earned the respect of the people around her. She’s really responsible, and a friendly and reliable person. She’ll be great!” Leslie Jin, a sophomore ASB member, said.

Wang already has some ideas about what she wants to accomplish during her time in office. She said she wants to manage ASB in a way that they interact well with the school and vice versa.

“ASB is such a widely seen program that there’s obviously a lot of opinions on it. The importance of ASB is spirit and making sure that we have an engaged community at Carlmont,” Wang said.

To be a reliable president, one needs to be able to manage their time, and have the ability to keep up with their other classes while handling the position.

“Valerie has always been someone who makes sure she is on top of all that is expected of her. She is prepared and organized. I enjoy having her as a band student,” Wang’s music teacher, John DaBaldo, said.

Some other qualities of a great ASB president come from their extracurriculars, such as athletics. For example, Wang participates in the Carlmont basketball program.

“I think basketball, and athletics in general, is a big part of being a good president,” Wang said. “Yes, I have to balance my time between doing basketball and ASB activities, but being involved in that is just going to further my reach with the rest of the school.”

For Wang, she just wishes to do her best during her time in office and perhaps improve the culture of the school.

Wang said, “I hope to have ASB’s image become something that reflects our wish for a better community at Carlmont.”