Varsity Volleyball team waiting for practice to start after 7th period
Varsity Volleyball team waiting for practice to start after 7th period

Athletes outraged by new practice schedule

Carlmont athletes are outraged at the new scheduling of after school sports practices. Due to the new rule implemented by the Sequoia Union High School District board, all schools must now start no later than 8:30 a.m.

However, since Carlmont High School is restricted by the lack of lights for the fields, traffic, and other complications, the board agreed to allow Carlmont to maintain its starting time of 8 a.m. with the stipulation that administration banned zero periods.

For students in academic courses such as choir or drama, this means they must have a seventh period instead of a zero period.

Consequentially, to keep our athletic environment at Carlmont available to all students, the administration made a collective decision to postpone all practices until the end of seventh period.

All in all, this was a logical move on the administrations part, however it poses a serious burden on students with only six periods.

Students are now forced to wait 56 minutes until they can begin practicing; a time which is usually filled with aimless wandering about the school or chatting with friends.

Ralph Crame, Carlmont’s Vice Principal, said, “We have a great athletic program here at Carlmont; more students should take advantage of it.”

But, it is hard for some to balance the endless amount of activities many students seems to be taking on nowadays with almost an extra hour lost waiting around for practice to start.

“It’s ridiculous! Practices should start after sixth period so we don’t have to wait so long,” replied Haley Smith, a junior at Carlmont.

Though the new scheduling of sports practices was designed to give the same opportunities to all students at Carlmont, it is depriving the students who do not have seven classes.

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Athletes outraged by new practice schedule