Baking Club whips up sweet treats


Will Nadan

Students bring in holiday-themed sweets to celebrate the last meeting of the year in 2016.

Sherilyn Kuo, Staff Writer

Baking Club is on a mission to rise and gain new members.

On Thursday, March 16, Baking Club will have a bake sale during the Open House Clubs Fair to promote and make money for the club. They will be selling various baked goods baked by club members, and the funds raised will go to the club’s future activities. 

This is the club’s second fundraiser and it will help the club get one step closer to their goal. While having fun and bonding over passions for the culinary arts, Baking Club also plans to become a service club at its core by working hard to gain support and funds.

“We will have more bake sales in the future to make money for charities, or maybe directly bake for charities like working in a soup kitchen or bringing in pies to give to the homeless,” said Jade Margolis, vice president of Baking Club.

As one of the newer clubs that appeared on campus earlier this year at Clubs Fair, Baking Club has hopes to gain more consistent members who contribute desserts and recipes at the meetings. The main purpose of the club is to create a friendly, comfortable environment where people can bond over their passion for baking and sweets.

“We bring in food, share it with each other, teach each other our tips, watch different baking shows, and do different activities,” said Will Nadan, president of Baking Club.

In addition to the sharing and bonding over baking, the club also has a baking club website that includes a collection of all the recipes that the club members have contributed.  There are also special meetings where club members get to meet and listen to special guest speak about their experiences in baking.

“Later this year we will have a professional pastry chef coming in to talk about making wedding cakes and desserts on a grander scale,” said Nadan.

Although Baking Club is still on the rise, it has attracted already many young bakers that contribute to the meetings by bringing in baked goods and desserts.  In the meetings, the club discusses techniques and strategies to use when baking and how to improve recipes. The club finds new shows and videos that feature favorite bakers that inspire the members to create new recipes.

“I like how we can sit here and learn new things from the shows and learn new shows about baking and other foods,” said freshman Joelle Faybishenko.

The meetings are held Mondays every two weeks in A14 and more information about the club can be found here.