Carlmont gets incoming freshmen excited for high school

Monty gives a high five to an incoming freshman.

Katrina Wiebenson

Monty gives a high five to an incoming freshman.

Katrina Wiebenson, Staff Writer

With another school year comes new students ready to join the Carlmont community.

Each year, eighth graders from all different schools come to Carlmont to experience what a school day is really like on campus.

These students have a choice to either shadow current freshmen individually or in a group with fellow eighth graders that may be in their classes the following year.

“Group shadowing allows incoming freshmen a chance to see Carlmont and experience what it’s like to be in a high school classroom. They have an opportunity to ask any questions they might have while also making new friends before the year even starts,” said sophomore ASB member Nicole Turk.

ASB’s goal for this event is to get students to be comfortable with the Carlmont community and to get them excited about the high school experience.

“We went almost everywhere and the leaders explained where we were. It was fun to experience the new environment with my friends, as I am going to be with them for the next four years,” said incoming freshman Calvin Hunter.

The students got a chance to visit three different classes while school was in session and were shown the layout of the school. During this time, the visiting students got to have any questions answered by current Carlmont students.

Once this was over, they were brought back into the Student Union and got to participate in a raffle to win Scots gear. Before departing, students got to join a classic Carlmont cheer to get into the school spirit.

Allowing students to shadow is supposed to calm the nerves of incoming students and make high school an exciting experience to look forward to.

“Now that I am a freshman, I realized that it [shadowing] did make me more comfortable. I got to know the people that were going to be in my class, so the social anxiety didn’t kick in on the first day,” said freshman Grant Leff.