Be careful what you tweet

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

Twitter is for people who know how to communicate.

Nobody wants their friend on Facebook to update their status every five minutes, but on Twitter, it is considered normal.

Twitter is usually used by people to be in constant contact with everyone and to know basically everything that is going on in peoples’ lives the moment it is happening; not only friends and/or family, but also celebrities, athletes, and famous people in general.

“I only use it to follow celebrities and to see what’s going on with them,” said sophomore Hiba Dahbour.

While some people join Twitter for enjoyment, others join for school or business, in order to stay updated with news, and much more. It can either be very informative or very distracting, depending on how one uses it.

Some people use Twitter to share funny or exciting news with one another. They check it a few times a day and it keeps them busy when there isn’t much else to do.

“I use Twitter to keep up with topics that I like,” said junior Jeremy Chow.

On the other hand, some people use Twitter to vent, complain, and keep their followers updated on every single thing going on in their life until the point where someone can feel like they are living the life of someone they follow.

“If you aren’t famous, does anyone really care what you have to say?” said sophomore Boston Funk.

If you are somebody who is looking for a job, using their Twitter account for work or school, or have some other professional engagement when using Twitter, it is probably safest to keep the invasiveness of your tweets on the down-low and to minimize the complaining, profanities, and minute details that are a bit too much information.

Nobody wants to be penalized, lectured, or scolded for what they tweet, so make sure to always keep it clean, classy, and light-hearted. That’s what Twitter is for.