Buddhism: The religion that encourages positive energy and peace

Grace Yi, Staff Writer

Buddhism is considered the most widespread religion practiced in Asia. Several Carlmont students follow the religious practices of the Buddha.

Some of the main ideas of Buddhism is to be at peace with everyone and everything and to always have a positive aura and not have any negative energy within the body.

John Fu, a junior, meditates at home and believes that the Buddhist religion is “like every other religion, you just follow the rules.”
Caitlin Tsai said, “I think that [Buddhism] is a leading path or a guiding path in life.”

Some students admit that they are influenced by their parents and family.

“It’s a family thing and [my family influenced me so] I go to the temple and meditate,” Fu remarked.

“I have a Buddha shrine at home, and we bow to it three times during Chinese New Year or when we feel like we have bad luck. [For example], if we got into an accident or someone is sick, my mom makes me bow to get Buddha to help us,” said junior Karissa Wong.

Buddhists usually go visit their ancestors and shrine temples for good luck and blessings. However, many students do not attend temple because of long distance from home.

Iris Choi, a junior, stated the nearest temple is “not even close. It is all the way in Sacramento.”

However, even if regular visits to the temple are inconvenient due to distance, many students still continue to follow and practice the different Buddhist exercises.

Buddhism appears to have a great impact on the lives of Carlmont students.