Carlmont badminton victorious against El Camino


Ryan Pau returns a shot

Daniel Wang, Staff Writer

Ryan Pau returns a shot

It was quite clear that Carlmont had the more dominant badminton team when they faced off against El Camino on Thursday, as the Carlmont Scots beat the El Camino Colts 13-2.

Two key victories for the Scots were the number one and two male singles varsity players for Carlmont, Ryan Pau and Jeshurun Chen, both emerging victorious.

Chen played first against El Camino’s number two single and beat him 15-1 and 15-6.

Although the score wasn’t close at all, the match included lots of long rallies and nice returns by both players, which led both players to become fatigued.

After the match, an out-of-breath Chen said, “I made my opponent run more, which helped me win.”

Next up was the match of the day: the number one singles varsity males match.

This, unlike the match featuring the number two singles, was no real match at all. Pau destroyed his opposition 15-2 and 15-1.

After the victory, Pau said, “My experience playing badminton helped me win, along with the fact that I know how to read my opponent’s shots.”

Pau seemed to be one step ahead in the match, knowing where his opponent was going to hit it every single time.

In addition, Pau has been playing badminton for six years, so the experience is definitely there.

After all the matches were completed, a happy Marco Aguilar, the coach of the Carlmont badminton team, stated, “We have some good players so there’s a good chance we’ll win the division.”