Carlmont donates ‘Ready Player One’ books to at-risk teens


Amelia Espinosa

Sophomore Viviane Lorvan hopes her copy of “Ready Player One” will go to someone who will enjoy the story as much as she did.

Amelia Espinosa, Staff Writer

Carlmont is accepting used copies of “Ready Player One,” the 2016 school-wide summer reading book, from students. 

Every English teacher has been given a book drive donation box and has collected books since April 19. The drive will last until May 13.

Then, the books will be donated to organizations that work with youth who have special circumstances.

Sophomore Kinjal Vyas said, “I think the drive is a great idea. Most students aren’t going to read the book again so it’s good to give to the less fortunate.”

While Vyas did not donate her own copy (she decided to let her brother read it before giving it away), many other students already have.

Patrick Martin said, “The book taught me that where you start doesn’t matter, but what you do is what’s important. I hope the people who get these books will be able to learn from them too.”

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I hope the people who get these books will be able to learn from them too.”

— Patrick Martin

These lessons from the book sparked the idea for the book drive as many teachers wanted to spread the lessons to less fortunate teens with the help of the Juvenile Justice program.

The Juvenile Justice program provides education and various types of support for California youthful offenders up to age 25.

Kelly Redmon, an English teacher who helped organize the drive, said, “I think any youth that reads the book will hopefully enjoy it as much as our students did and we are excited to work with the [Juvenile Justice] program to provide books. This is one way to make these students in special circumstances feel more connected to the outside community.”

As the drive continues, some Carlmont teachers look toward the possibility of having more book drives like this in the future.

Redmon said, “I love the idea of giving back to our community, especially to youth with special circumstances. I think the authors would love this program, too. I would love to see the book drive happen every year from now on.”