Carlmont helps the less fortunate

Families struggle under the U.S. economy.

Families struggle under the U.S. economy.

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

Every year, there are families who are less fortunate than others. They struggle to put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, and put clothes on their backs.

That is why Carlmont created a clothes drive.

The clothes drive is from Jan. 26 to Jan. 30 and all clothes can be turned into room A8. The clothes drive was established last year by Carlmont’s Leadership class and they have now decided to bring it back for a second year.

“The students decided to start a clothes drive last year to help the less fortunate and it was very successful,” said Leadership teacher Jim Kelly.

Because of last year’s great turnout, Leadership believes that they will have more success this year.

“I think that learning from our success last year will help us have a greater turnout and collect more clothes than last year,” said junior Isabelle De Wood.

Last year, Leadership collected two trucks full of clothes in the short time period. If they can sustain the same success every year, they will be able to impact many lives.

This is exactly why Leadership started the clothes drive.

“Last year our whole class decided that we wanted to give back to the community by doing a clothes drive during the winter when many less fortunate people need clothes to keep them warm,” said De Wood.

Once all the clothes are collected, they will be delivered to Goodwill, which according to their website, have brought 20,589 people back to work due to donations. Carlmont students will be able to say that they were a part of the success.

Some students at Carlmont think having a clothes drive is great and can make a big impact on people’s lives.

“I would hate to be in the same position as them. Any donations people make can really make a difference in their lives,” said sophomore Brandon Burkholder.