Carlmont opens its doors to the public


Katrina Wiebenson

The many hallways of Carlmont High School will be explored by parents during open house.

Katrina Wiebenson, Staff Writer

The opportunity for the public to explore Carlmont High School is here. Carlmont open house is taking place on March 16.

Open house is a night where parents or the general public can visit classes and learn about what Carlmont High School has to offer for its students.

“I go to open house to find out more about Carlmont, what classes my child is taking, and what options she has,” said Carlmont parent Michelle Mojas.

Parents will have a chance to visit each of their child’s current classes and even classes that they might want to join in the future.

Multiple students in those classes have been preparing projects for the open house and will be presenting them to show what each class has to offer.

“I am in the BTI (Biotechnology Institute) program and love it a lot. The goal of presenting my work is to have parents talk to their kids about BTI and encourage them to join,” said Simmons.

In this year’s open house, ASB will help parents get around campus and make them as comfortable as possible. There will also be a club fair at the event, which will present other opportunities that students can take advantage of.

“At the open house, there will be food trucks and a clubs fair. The clubs fair is where parents, or students, can learn about the variety of clubs offered at Carlmont and get an idea of new ways to get involved in school,” said sophomore ASB member Nicole Turk.

Both students and parents are encouraged to come to the open house to get exposed to all opportunities at Carlmont in and outside of class. 

“The goal of the open house night is to give parents the opportunity to see what their kids are accomplishing at school and learn what clubs and activities are offered at Carlmont,” said Turk.