Carlmont rams through Westmoor


Ryan Pau returns the birdie

Daniel Wang, Staff Writer

Ryan Pau returns the birdie
Ryan Pau returns the birdie

Even though sophomore David Maia and senior Taylor Choye had never played together before, they still managed to end up with the victory 15-10 and 15-6. This victory was one of 14 for Carlmont, as the Carlmont Scots beat the Westmoor Rams 14-1.

Choye’s original partner, senior Justin Quan, suffered a broken collarbone, so Choye had nobody to play with. Therefore, badminton coach Marco Aguilar put Choye and Maia together to play against Westmoor.

“We won due to great communication and good rotation,” an ecstatic Maia said after the victory.

Meanwhile, Choye remained quite humble. “Personally, I don’t think I played too well, but David played really well,” Choye said.

Maia and Choye will have the opportunity to play together for the two final games of the season, since Quan is out for the remainder of the season.

Carlmont sophomore doubles partners Komei Wang and James Xie played against Westmoor’s third seeded male doubles team.

Xie and Wang started off well, winning 15-10. Westmoor responded and Xie and Wang ended up narrowly losing 12-15 the second game. In the last game, Xie and Wang ended up with the victory with a score of 15-8.

After the 45 minute match, a tired Xie credited their success to their rotation. “Komei and I have a special rotation. The person on the left will cover the back while the person on the right will cover the front.”

This rotation is a bit peculiar, since most doubles partners split the court down the middle into two zones.

Lastly, one-seeded Ryan Pau capped off the afternoon with a decisive 15-11 and 15-5 victory over Westmoor’s best badminton player.

Pau, currently sitting at 10-2, is looking good for Central Coast Sections, where the Bay Area’s top high school badminton players play each other for a chance at glory.

When asked about Pau’s expectations for CCS, he said,”My plan is to place in the top three.”

Carlmont is currently sitting in second place behind Mills. Next Tuesday, Carlmont is visiting South San Francisco.