Carlmont Scots lose to Castilleja Gators


Pictured right, junior Elise Dimick uses her strong arm to throw the ball over the opposing player.

Kimiko Okumura, Highlander Editor

The girls varsity water polo team played their third home game against the Castilleja Gators Wednesday night.

The Lady Scots lost 9-5 to Castilleja, but still kept a positive outlook surrounding the game.

At the start, Carlmont held up amazing defense and didn’t allow Castilleja to shoot until five minutes into the seven minute quarter. Later, Katelyn McGrath scored Carlmont’s first goal, tying the game 1-1 at the end of the first quarter.

The winning side constantly switched throughout the game.

Four minutes into the third quarter, junior Kristen Denney aggressively drove the ball in, and scored, bringing up the score to 4-3, in Castilleja’s favor.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Castilleja broke away with a 9-4 lead. With one minute left, Denney scored, giving Carlmont one more point for a final score of 9-5, in favor of Castilleja.

Coach Bernice O’Connor said in “our first half, the defense was strong,” but in the second half “we made some defensive errors and we can clean those errors up.”

O’Connor is planning on cleaning up the offense as well for next week’s game.

“It didn’t feel like we got defeated, because we played hard,” explained junior Elise Dimick.

According to Dimick, the girls have tie-dyed socks and went out to dinner, which helped the team bond. She explained that everyone works well, because all the girls like each other.

Goalie Kirra Loucks said, “A lot of us are juniors, so we’ve played for three years, and know how each player works.”

Throughout the game, the crowd can hear encouraging words from one Lady Scot to another, as they rush to their position or aim to shoot a goal.

Carlmont’s loss resulted in a 1-3 record.

Despite their loss, the Lady Scots will confidently walk into next week’s game against Aragon.

O'Connor gets the team pumped up to play.
O’Connor gets the team pumped up to play.