Students express themselves with chalk


Thomas Leme

Sophomore Joshua Mathew draws a happy face during the Chalk for Happiness event..

Thomas Leme, Staff Writer

A flower, a mermaid, a frog, a face, a star, a heart, an island.

These are just some of the many pictures that Carlmont students drew with chalk in an event hosted by ASB on March 1, which was later extended to March 2 as well.

This event, which was called Chalk for Happiness by its creators, took place in the quad during lunch.

Students were free to go to the designated area in the quad, grab some chalk, and draw whatever they wanted on the ground, as long as it was appropriate.

Freshman Melina Morrissette, who was leading the event, said, “This was our project to give our school a more positive environment. We thought that it would be a better activity than just seeing people on their phones. We thought we’d give them something better to do.”

Many students joined in by picking up a piece of chalk from one of the various cups stationed around the area and adding their own drawings.

Freshman Mia Craig, who drew anime style characters for her contribution, said, “There’s a lot of good drawings and you get to really see people’s artistic sides.”

Craig was right, as anyone who passed by the quad during lunch could see many students enthusiastically drawing pictures of whatever was on their mind, showing an artistic passion that isn’t always on display.

This was also noticed by freshman Raymond Peterson, who drew a popular internet joke about a frog riding a unicycle.

Peterson said, “The activity is great. It really brings out how the school acts and feels and it lets people express themselves.”

By the end of lunch, the part of the quad where the event took place was completely filled with bright colors from all of the great drawings made by the students who participated.

That little patch of ground held the creativity and passion of many of Carlmont’s students.

Sophomore Joshua Mathew, who had drawn a face to express himself, said, “I felt like this activity really let me leave my mark on this school.”