Carlmont swim team prevails against Woodside


Lucy Gibbs

Carlmont and Woodside swimmers dive off the blocks to begin the heat.

Lucy Gibbs, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s swim team competed against Woodside on March 23. It was a landslide victory, with both the girls and the boys varsity teams ending on top.

The varsity girls finished with the score of 119-62. While the varsity boys ended with a score of 107-51 to defeat Woodside.

Before the meet, the Scots were excited to compete and ready to swim against the Wildcats.

“I’m excited to show my spirit by helping us win today,” said Nicholas Brown, a sophomore, as he headed off to warm up.

The entire team was full of energy and ready to cheer on their friends and teammates as student spectators wandered to the pool after their final classes.

As the buzzer sounded, five girls hopped into the pool and positioned themselves for the first relay. Both teams erupted into a cheer as the swimmers darted through the water. Each lap Carlmont inched ahead. The Scots won the first heat by five seconds in the 200 medley relay.

As each team fought to gain the lead, swimmers put their all in to reach the wall before their opponent. A Woodside swimmer even swam through losing her goggles to avoid destroying her lead in a tight heat.

From the very beginning, Carlmont was high energy and ready to compete. And this ultimately earned Carlmont the win.

“I like the meets so much better than practices because of how we get to show off our skill like today,” said Brown.

This is Carlmont’s third meet of the year. The varsity boys are undefeated while the girls have two wins and a tie. They will have their next meet Thursday, March 30 at 3:30 p.m. against Aragon.