Carlmont Village Shopping Center elicits mixed feelings among students


Mariela Ramirez

Doc’s Bagels is a popular restaurant choice for students.

Mariela Ramirez, Staff Writer

Whether it’s to purchase food or just to hang out with friends, the Carlmont Village Shopping Center provides a wide variety of options for everyone.

The main attraction that draws students to the center is the amount of food available. After school, students can get quite hungry, and the closest place that can satisfy that hunger is the shopping center.

The center is filled with restaurants such as Sushi Kuu, Coyote’s Mexican Cafe, Village Host Pizza & Grill, Waterdog Tavern, and many more. For those who do not have the time to sit and eat, places like Subway, Jamba Juice, and Doc’s Bagels are suitable.

One of the more popular shops at the shopping center is Starbucks. In addition to its food and festive drinks, this Starbucks also has a mobile order available, making it even more popular.

However, dining isn’t the only activity that can be fulfilled at the shopping center. For example, Michael’s Hair Design and Bella Nails give customers and students a chance to relax.

For Sarah Drayer, a sophomore, going to the shopping center isn’t really something she does regularly.

Drayer said, “Since I take the bus, going to the center is usually an inconvenience for me.”

But when she does find herself at the center, she only goes to a few stores.

“On a rare occasion, I’ll go to Starbucks. But if it wasn’t there, I probably wouldn’t end up ever going to the shopping center,” Drayer said.

Doc’s Bagels is another store that draws in students, especially before school.

Adrian Orozco, a sophomore, enjoys going to Doc’s because it is not too busy when he goes.

“Sometimes, I go to Doc’s in the morning because even though it looks crowded due to the cars, inside there aren’t very many people,” Orozco said.

Although many students enjoy what the center offers, there are some who find some aspects of it displeasing.

“It’s always crowded whenever I go, so I just avoid going most of the time,” said Grace Hanhan, a sophomore.

Along with the number of people at the center, some students critique that there should be more restaurants that provide fast service because many are in a rush to attend extracurricular activities.

Drayer said, “I think it would be great if there were more quick-service restaurants because not everyone has the time.”