Carlmont welcomes South African sisters


Moving from one continent to another can be a difficult task, as it has been for two sisters newly enrolled at Carlmont.

Tanita Singh and Thashmika Singh made the 10,000 mile move from Johannesburg, South Africa to Redwood Shores last August. Their father’s job at Oracle had required that the family make this move across the globe.

“We knew we would have to move, but I didn’t ever think it would happen, so it didn’t hit me until we were actually on the plane. That was really hard for me,” said junior Tanita.

Johannesburg is a city home to over 3 million people, with hospitals, schools, and houses: “It’s not like safari like most people would think,” said Tanita.

Tanita said, “It’s similar to home but different,” the school system proves to be different than that of Carlmont. She stated, “For school it’s the same, until you get to 10th grade, then you get to chose what you go into [sciences or english], choosing up to ten subjects, and it’s how you get into a university.”

While the two places may have similarities, the sisters haven’t quite adjusted to the american culture.

Freshman Thashmika said, “People here are pretty friendly, but I feel like I don’t know how to interact with them.”

“I really do miss it, it gets really lonely. I’m just waiting for December I just really want to go visit home,” added Thashmika.

Though the sisters come to Calrmont without choice, “Carlmont is sure to welcome them, and hopefully make them feel at home,” said sophomore Emily Sevillia.

“I couldn’t imagine moving across the globe to an entirely new place, and both of them are so nice, it’s really cool to have them on campus now,” said sophomore Veronica Eghdami.

“I like the Cheesecake Factory, Vampire Diares, and all the clothes here,” stated Tanita. In addition to their new-found interests in Calif., the sisters will look to participate in track this spring.

Though both Tanita and Thashmika are settling into their new life, there is still much to get used to.

Thashmika said, “I mean the house we’ve been living in has some of our furniture from home, but it doesn’t feel like home yet.”