Carlseq cup champions


Carlmont and Sequoia battle for the ground ball.

Angelina Castillo, ScotCenter News

In their last game of the season Varsity boys lacrosse beat Sequoia 9-5 winning the Carlseq cup.

Junior Cole Castro said, “We are very proud of our season especially what we did this game. This was an important game because it was the Carlseq cup. We have won it every time which means we are undefeated. In this game we played pretty much perfect and accomplished one of our most important goals of beating them.”

All of the work the players have put into their season and practices has payed off since they accomplished one of their goals of the season.

Junior Peter Brydon said, “This was the biggest game of the season against our rival and it was by far the most fulfilling win of the season especially since we lost to them in a previous game this season.”

Freshman Matthew Irwin has three more years ahead of him and participating in his first Carlseq cup was very accomplishing for him. Irwin said, “It was nerve racking during the game because it was so close but it felt great to win and I’m excited to do it all four years.”

The players are not only proud of their accomplishment in this specific game but they are proud of how far they have come over the course of the season.

Castro said, “As a team this season we all got closer and our defense improved a lot as well as our face offs and ground balls.”

Not only did the team enhance their skill levels as a whole but individual players have learned a lot about the game as well. Junior Sam Boyle said, “I learned a lot more on varsity and I plan to continue to work hard on the off season. In regards to this last game we just played we beat Sequoia and that’s all that matters.”

Castro said, “We grew a lot this season and we will continue to grow next season. I can’t wait to come back and win this important game again next year and hopefully we will also accomplish our goal of making it to CCS too.”