Class of 2020 takes over Panda Express


Izzy Bruguera

One of the many posters seen around school advertising the Panda Express Fundraiser on Feb. 17 is seen outside the ASB room.

Izzy Bruguera, Staff Writer

On Feb. 17, Carlmont students flooded Panda Express in support of their freshman class.

After planning and advertising the event for weeks, freshmen Joe Sison and Rachel Amir Chatman held a fundraiser for the freshman class through Panda Express from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“We’re calling it a takeover,” said Sison. “Basically anyone from Carlmont or any other school can show up, and if they present the flyers we distributed through social media, through our neighborhoods, and on campus, 20 percent of their purchase will go to the class of 2020.”

The Panda Express takeover allowed students and others to come together and support the current freshman class. It also gave those who participated a greater sense of community, and for the Carlmont students who were involved, a greater sense of school spirit for helping to fundraise. The funds raised will allow the Carlmont class of 2020 to hold events this year and later on.

“The restaurant was full,” said freshman Isabella Mattioli. “It was probably the most packed I had ever seen that Panda Express. I saw a lot of freshmen I knew, but also a lot of other people who I recognized from the soccer game or from seeing them around school.”

Sison and Chatman enjoyed the experience of running a fundraiser and giving themselves, as well as many others, the ability to help their school.

“It’s a way for us to raise money so we can put on events now and in the future,” said Sison.

“We really like to do these fundraisers in order to raise money so we can put on activities that the students will enjoy,” said Chatman. “Overall, I want to increase the positive vibe here at Carlmont.”

Mattioli enjoyed the Panda Express takeover and having the ability to support her friends and her class.

“I think the fundraiser was a really great idea and I think the freshmen representatives did a great job planning it, publicizing it, and organizing overall,” she said.

Hopefully, the class of 2020 will have plenty of funds to hold events and more successful fundraisers in the future.

“It makes me feel happy to support my freshmen class,” said Mattioli. “It was a great opportunity to do so, because all I had to do was buy good food.”