Counselors help Carlmont students choose their path

The counselors see many students each day to talk about anything they need.

Katie Blondino

The counselors see many students each day to talk about anything they need.

Katie Blondino, Staff Writer

With the end of the school year fast approaching, counselors are finishing up their appointments with students regarding class options for next year.

Counselors meet with around five to seven students per day for their appointments which can last up to 20 to 30 minutes each.

“The amount of time spent during the appointment depends on student grade level and questions or concerns the student or their counselor may have,” said Connie Dominguez, one of the seven counselors at Carlmont.

The appointments are not only for scheduling classes but to give the counselors a chance to talk with students or remind them of the graduation and A-G requirements.

“We want students to balance their classes, but also to focus on their passions and interests,” said Kimberly Miller, another Carlmont counselor. “We try to make students think about their perspective of everything they do, both in and out of school, and how they balance one another.”

For each student and grade, the counselors have a different focus.

Dominguez explained that for juniors and seniors, the focus is more about plans for after high school. For freshmen and sophomores, the conversation revolves around exploring options for the years to come.

Counselors can give their students a list of the possible classes that they can take for the following years. They also discuss with students about the support services provided at Carlmont that will help them reach the levels that they desire.

Miller is the counselor who focuses mainly on the students in the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) program which requires students to take specific classes. With most of the classes already decided, these meetings are more focused on the students’ goals.

“It is more of a direct path for the BTI students, but they still have room to take classes that interest them outside of the program, which makes it similar to other students,” Miller said.

Besides scheduling classes, counselors create a helpful and trusting environment for students when they visit the counselor’s offices.

Miller explained that these appointments are great yearly check-ins for both the counselors and students. They create a stronger relationship which makes it easier for students to feel comfortable talking with them.

Counselor Maria Ibarra helps to support and make students more comfortable, preparing them to take the next steps after high school.

The counselors play an important role in helping Carlmont students with their high school careers. Listening to concerns and giving out advice has become one of the focal points of the counselor’s goals.

“We want to let students know that we are here to support them in anything from school work to family or anything else,” Ibarra said.