Counselor meetings give students advice for the upcoming year


Parker English

A list of counselor appointments is posted outside the counseling office for passing students to refer to.

Parker English, Staff Writer

Counselor meetings are a very effective tool for students when deciding on upcoming classes.

They occur every year starting in February and continuing up until late April.

In these meetings, counselors make sure to check up on each student individually to ensure that they are on track to graduate and are prepared for the future.

“The main reason counselors meet with students at this time is to register for classes for next year. This also allows them to check in with students to see how they are doing and to make sure their four-year plan is discussed and updated as needed,” Principal Ralph Crame said.

Every student at Carlmont has to attend a meeting with their counselor, which can be held at any time throughout the school day. They receive an email prior to their appointment making them aware of its date and time.

Although students have to skip parts of their classes, many believe it is well worth the time.

“My counselor meeting lasted for about 20 minutes, but it was very informative. I am much more knowledgeable now of the classes I will be taking next year, as well as the requirements that I need to graduate, then I was before my meeting,” sophomore Ben Pasion said.

It is helpful for the students got get one-on-one time with their counselor to help them decide what classes to take next year and in following years.”

— Ralph Crame

However, meetings such as these are only for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, as seniors do not have a further year to discuss classes for. Seniors have their own type of meeting, but it falls towards the beginning of the school year.

“Counselor meetings happen at the beginning of the year for seniors to make sure students are on track to graduate and to discuss what colleges they are interested in applying for,” Crame said.

As one’s high school life progresses, counselor meetings become increasingly more significant.

“In my freshman year meeting, my counselor and I briefly discussed what classes I would like to take throughout my years at Carlmont, as well as the basic requirements to graduate. At this year’s counselor meeting, we thoroughly discussed classes for next year as well as my overall workload,” sophomore Tomas Ronderos said.

Counselor meetings are mandatory for a reason. They are also beneficial in preparing students not only for the remainder of high school but for life beyond Carlmont.

“It is helpful for the students got get one-on-one time with their counselor to help them decide what classes to take next year and in following years,” Crame said.