Crazy for boots


Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

[media-credit id=67 align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Seen all around campus and worn by many celebrities, boots are becoming the most popular style of shoe to wear.

Spicing up outfits with a pair of boots is becoming the next best thing. Boots have always been around in the fashion industry, but it looks as though these days they are becoming more popular than ever.

Boots come in different colors and styles. They are used for keeping one’s feet warm on cold days and as a fashion statement. There are many styles, but the most popular seen around school are cowboy boots, riding boots, combat boots, and Ugg boots.

“Frye riding boots are my favorite kind of boots because they are comfortable and durable,” commented student Neeshae Wain.

“I like to wear Ugg boots because they keep my feet warm and they look good,” said Carlmont student, Gigi Vlahos.

“I’ve had my favorite pair of boots since 7th grade. I love how comfortable they are,” added Brittany Zelnik.

Be prepared to see friends and peers strutting around the hallways in a new pair of boots.

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