CSF Club: Recognizing those with the grades

Isabella Paragas, Illustrator and Staff Writer

Many students at Carlmont get good grades, but never get recognition for their hard work.

The CSF (California Scholarship Federation) Club is giving all students who earn these scores their well-deserved appreciation since the 1980s.

“I think it is really important for students to be involved in school – this is one way.  These students get credit for volunteering and for having good grades,” said Kimberly Callan, co-adviser of the club.

This club is a community service organization for students who have maintained high academic level and are praised at graduation.

Another perk of this club is the senors who have been in the CSF Club for four semesters will wear a special tassel and cord at graduation.

“It encourages [students] to volunteer in the community and it is something that they can put on their college applications,” explained Callan.

Though, being an academic based club, there are some requirements to join; students must have three or more A’s out of all their classes and no D’s.

Not only will this give students chance to get volunteer credit, but to also meet new people.

To join there are sign ups in fall and again in January.

This club meets every Wednesday in E-14.

Feel free to talk to either advisers, Ms. Callan or Ms. Codianne, or the presidents of the the club, Megan McDowell and Janelle Shiozaki to join.

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