CSF strives to achieve goals


Carlmont Yearbook Staff

Carlmont CSF-2013-14

Jocelyn Moran, Social Media Team

The California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) club has been popular at Carlmont for many years due to the advantages it brings to high academically achieving students. This year, co-presidents Leah Roe and Erika Mannie, intend to continue the vision of CSF and set goals in order to improve the club.

CSF is a community service club for academically achieving students that want to help out their community and develop leadership skills. It emphasizes the importance of citizenship and community.

Every year, members of CSF must complete nine hours of community service that include two CSF events in order to be considered a member for the year.

Senior and co-president of the club, Erika Mannie, said, “CSF is a really good way to help the community and have fun at the same time because you’re volunteering with your friends.”

If you are a member for four or more semesters, you become a life member, and get a cord and tassel at graduation.

Senior and member of CSF, Julia Semmler, said, “I’m excited for this year because I’m going to be getting my tassel and that is going to represent my dedication and volunteering.”

Members of the club also have fun because of the opportunities to volunteer with their friends.

Senior and co-president Leah Roe said, “Members do need to meet grade requirements, but we have a lot of fun providing activities for members and volunteering together.”

Mannie and Roe received their positions as presidents of CSF due to their dedication to the club.

Roe said, “I applied for an officer position sophomore year because it was my favorite club on campus. Erika and I were the most involved officers last year, so we were chosen by [Carlmont graduate] Melanie Anderson to be this year’s presidents.”

Mannie and Roe have high expectations and have set goals for themselves for this year in order to make CSF even better.

“This year, Erika and I will be trying to continue Melanie Anderson’s vision of making members feel like they are a part of a ‘CSF community’ on campus by hosting more member parties. We also constantly try to make sure we have at least one volunteer event per month. And for future officers, we are trying to digitalize all our current records of everyone’s hours and membership semesters so it’s easier to know who is and isn’t a life member,” said Roe.