Toronto mayor smoking description released

Rob Ford at the Better Ballots Mayoral Candidates Forum. Picture from

Rob Ford at the “Better Ballots” Mayoral Candidates Forum. Picture from

Matt DeGraff, Staff Writer

A judge released a description of a tape of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine along with other court documents on March 19.

News reports in May first reported the video’s existence, but the video itself has not yet been released.

Ford, despite this drug scandal, is seeking re-election. He is running against more than three dozen candidates, including former city councillor David Soknacki, former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario John Tory, and New Democratic Party member of parliament Olivia Chow.

Sophomore Jason Chow said, “I can’t really even believe that he is still in office, and the fact that he is running for re-election seems disgraceful.  To me, Ford being allowed to still be mayor and run again just seems a little disrespectful to Toronto.”

The documents released by the judge state that “Mayor Ford is holding what appears to be a glass cylinder in one hand and a lighter in the other hand.”

The documents also state that “at one point Mayor Ford holds the glass cylinder to his mouth.  Lights the lighter and applies the flame to the tip of the glass cylinder in a circular motion.  After several seconds Mayor Ford appears to inhale.”

Sophomore Vincent Todesco said, “I have trouble understanding how someone as crazy as Ford was elected in the first place, this whole situation seems like it never should have happened.

Last year, Ford admitted that he had smoked crack in a “drunken stupor.”  Since this admittance, he has received, and rebuffed, pressure to resign.  The Toronto City Council has stripped him of most of his powers to attempt to isolate him, but lacks the authority to force him out.

Sophomore Chris Gehlen said, “I do not see how he is still mayor.  That he is able to continue to be mayor of such a big city is beyond me.  I would have thought that someone who does drugs while in public office would be disposed of immediately.”

Gehlen also said, “I can’t believe that someone who admits to being in a “drunken stupor” while in charge of a large city is even allowed to run for re-election.”

Ford does not face charges as of now, however, police said the investigation continues.