Father-daughter dance strengthens family bonds


Stephanie Davies

Mike Davies and his, at the time, 9-year-old daughter Senna pose for a photo before the Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance.

Jeffrey Miller, Staff Writer

In her pretty pink dress, she holds his arm as he guides her onto the dance floor of Belmont’s annual Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance.

Belmont Parks and Recreation plans a sweetheart dance every year before Valentine’s Day for girls from ages three to 12. The Twin Pines Senior and Community Center hosts the event with food, drinks, music, and a photo booth for everyone to enjoy. This year, the dance was held on Feb. 10.

Mike Davies, the father of 14-year-old Senna Davies, attended this dance for five years.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind bonding experience for a father and a daughter. By going to these events, it has brought us closer,” said Senna Davies.

Mike Davies has always gone on miniature date nights with his daughter and looked forward to the sweetheart dance. However, when Senna Davies turned 10, the pair stopped attending the dance.

“Girls, well any kids, they go through their transitions and their phases. Then, they get older and begin to feel a little self-conscious and think ‘maybe it’s for younger girls.’ So [Senna] opted out. This was sad for me because I enjoyed the dance so much. But, that’s what happens, and we do other things now,” said Mike Davies.

According to Mike Davies, many of his friends have experienced the same turn to independence with their daughters as they grew older. There comes a time when children grow up, and parents begin to see that their little babies aren’t so little anymore.

No matter the age, though, the experience is heartwarming for dads and daughters alike.

John Chandra, another proud dad, loved the dance. He remembers the fast and slow songs that played while he laughed and danced with his daughter Kelsey.

“My father-daughter dance was a great experience and something that I will always remember,” said John Chandra.

The Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance was an overall great time for those who attended and is widely recommended throughout the Belmont community.

“I would absolutely recommend it. Anyone who has a daughter should take advantage of it,” said Mike Davies.