Find volunteering opportunities at the California Scholarship Foundation Club

Sophomore Hana Wong applies for CSF.

Ethan Wong

Sophomore Hana Wong applies for CSF.

Ethan Wong, Staff Writer

Looking for a scholarship? Interested in volunteering for your community? Carlmont’s California Scholarship Foundation Club (CSF) is a club that provides the chance to do both of these.

CSF is a widely known club that allows dedicated students to be able to earn scholarships in return for community service hours.

Junior Kayla Fong said, “CSF is a volunteer based club that is designed to help the community through service.”

However, in order to join this club a student must maintain high grades within his or her time in the club.

Fong said, “You have to maintain a certain GPA in order to apply to be in CSF. For Carlmont, a student has to maintain a 3.5 GPA and must be taking all core curriculum classes. You have to reapply each semester in order for the club to make sure that you maintain your grades.”

CSF also requires members to fulfill a certain amount of volunteering hours per school year.

Sophomore Emily Wong said, “You have to do a minimum number of service hours either with the club or outside of the club, and you must participate in at least one club activity per semester. For me personally, I tutor a girl every week, so that covers my service hours well.”

Students can participate in any volunteering activity that they choose, but it must be approved of by the club leaders.

Senior Mariah Tao said, “There are a lot of volunteer opportunities that are provided to you by the club, such asĀ helping out at food banks or volunteering at a Leukemia walk.”

During meetings, CSF members discuss upcoming activities and volunteering opportunities, and log their volunteer hours.

Scholarships worth varying amounts of money are awarded at the end of the school year in order to commemorate student effort in helping the community.

Fong said, “You can apply for a scholarship from the foundation at the end of the year once you have fulfilled the required amount of volunteer hours for the club.”

CSF meets on every other Wednesday at E-14.