First day of Super Smash Bros. tournament excites competitors


Marina Ferme

Students watch as two competitors face off in a Super Smash Bros. battle.

Marina Ferme , Staff writer

“Super Smash Bros.” is a game on the Wii that has been being played since 1999, and on Jan. 26, students enjoyed playing it in the ASB room.

This is the third year that ASB has held a tournament for students to play the game, and it brought in a fairly sizable crowd.

Some students had experience playing “Super Smash Bros.” when they were younger and came to love that competitive spirit.

Brain Shao, a junior, said, “I have been playing it ever since I was young. As they developed better versions, I played more and more and even competitively in other tournaments.”

Similarly, Luke Hendrikson, a sophomore, said, “I used to have the older version of ‘Super Smash Bros.’ and I really enjoyed playing it, so I thought it would be fun to join the tournament.”



The tournaments attract lots of people that enjoy a certain game or skill and can help them meet others with similar interests.

Sophomore vice president Rachel-Amir Chatman said, “One of our main motivators for organizing this type of event is to bring people that are all passionate about one thing. We try to create a variety of events in order to appeal to the different groups of students with various interests here at Carlmont.”

ASB students were very excited to see new faces that they usually do not see at their events.

“I really like the Smash Bros. tournament because it draws a crowd that usually isn’t involved in ASB, so it’s really fun,” said Emily Nguyen, a sophomore.

Many students were very excited to participate in the event and those who won were ready to move on to the next round.

Shao said, “I am really hopeful about my chances since I have played this game and have a lot of experience. I am really competitive and ready to win.”