ASB plans this year’s mystical Winter Formal


Andrea Butler

One version of the many posters put up around Carlmont to promote the Winter Formal.

To some, high school dances may seem like events that mysteriously plan themselves – but there is another side of the story that most don’t know about. Carlmont’s ASB does all of the planning for Winter Formal and the other school dances.

In ASB there are 81 students in all, and the Dance Committee is a subgroup of only four people who are in charge of all the dances. This means that around only five percent of ASB plans them.

“We started planning Winter Formal right when Homecoming ended, so it’s taken a lot of time and commitment in order to plan it well,” said Supriya Haldankar, a sophomore and member of the Dance Committee.

Planning the dance can be a huge task and take a lot of coordination, so the amount of work that needs to be done might seem like more work than four people can do on their own.

“Although it takes a lot of organizing and time, we have mastered doing it in an efficient and timely fashion,” said sophomore and dance planner Samantha Day.

These four people plan everything, including the theme, venue, and decorations for all three dances.

“We work as a unit to decide all the details, like the decorations,” said senior and dance planner Michelle Tenin. 

Collaborating with outside organizations is a crucial part of planning the dances, given that the venue is not on the school’s campus for two out of the three yearly dances. Working with Carlmont staff to figure out what can be done is important as well.

“We work with outside vendors as well as staff and students at Carlmont to bring the best dances to the school as possible,” said Day.

Because they have been planning it since Homecoming ended, there is not much left to do, especially considering that Winter Formal is quickly approaching.

“The only things left that we have to do are the things that are tedious, but necessary,” said Haldankar.

The Dance Committee hopes that proof of all their hard work will be evident at Formal itself and that it will be enjoyed by all of its attendees. 


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