Formosa spreads some holiday cheer


Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

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Formosa, a newly formed club by Michelle Guan and Jenny Chen, is planning to spread some Christmas cheer around the neighborhood.

“We formed Formosa together to raise awareness of poverty in Asia and other countries. Although Asia is on the rise, there are still many people suffering from poverty there ,” stated Chen. The goal of Formosa is to have members engage in volunteer activities and raise money for charity.

“Formosa is different from the other clubs at our school because it focuses on raising money for overseas countries, not just areas around us. Formosa raises money for both. ” said Lexie Liu.

At yesterday’s meeting, members of Formosa began brainstorming volunteer activities. They are planning to go to senior retirement homes this Saturday, such as Silverado and Sunrise, to help them decorate the homes with Christmas decorations. Members will also help serve the seniors a tasty Christmas dinner.

“We want to bring Christmas cheer to the senior retirement homes. Many seniors don’t have relatives visiting them, so we thought it would be nice to brighten up the place for them,” Chen said. We want them to be happy during Christmas.”

Formosa is planning to have many more upcoming volunteer events. Members are planning to revisit the senior retirement homes during Valentines Day as well.

However, Formosa isn’t just about volunteering. Guan and Chen hope that members will have the chance to meet different people and work together. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to learn about Asian culture.

“I hope our members will have the chance to meet different people and be able to work together as a team. We have a great time working together. Recently, one of our members organized a dumpling making event at her house,” said Guan.

“Formosa is a really fun club. It’s a club where I can hang out with friends while doing fun volunteer activities. I’m looking forward to our hot pot gathering in January,” stated Iris Choi, a Formosa club member.

Interested in volunteer activities and raising awarness of poverty in foreign countries? Formosa meets every Wednesday in room C-2.