Fresh voices for the daily announcements

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A variety of new voices have hit the Carlmont campus. And now, students will never get bored during daily announcements.

Right before lunch starts every day, the announcements are played throughout the entire school through the public announcement system.

The announcements give Carlmont students information about what is going on around campus and the local community, as well as focusing on school sports, opportunities around campus, and school clubs.

Last year, the main announcers were J-Rudge and the Lightsaber; more formally known as Jacob Rudger and Michael Saber. Students became very familiar with their voices, as Rudger and Saber spoke to the entire student body on a daily basis.

This year there is going to be a rotation of announcers that will change weekly. With twelve announcers in total, the lineup will include all of the class officers. This way, students will never know whose voices to expect.

There are three announcers for the senior class, Jacob Rudger, Kim Bean and Max Mcbride. The junior class also has three announcers, Reggie Chatman, Claire Porter and Claire Noemer. Sophomore announcers are James Pak, Amanda Breslauer and Adam Cobb. And newly-elected freshman class officers, Timmy Miller, Mateen Nozzari, and Tori Shanefelter.

Many students were excited about last year’s announcers and can’t wait to hear more from the new announcers. Jack Tilly said, “I really like the announcements because I like to hear about what is going on in the campus and they are a lot of fun to listen to.”

Although many students enjoy listening to the announcements, some students have trouble hearing the announcements, due to students using the announcements as time to talk to their friends.

Junior Talon Bartolo said, “Usually I can’t hear the announcements at all because everybody is talking and it’s really annoying because sometimes you miss important things that are being said.”

Some students are disappointed at the shortage in time of the announcements. “I wish that there was a little more time for the announcements because I feel like we received a lot more information in past years and I like getting to just hang out in class listening to the announcements,” said senior Nick Rich.

At the start of last year, five minutes was allotted to the daily announcements, but both this year and the end of last year there is only time for three minutes due to new seven minute passing periods.

The announcements are also posted on Scots Scoop News, the online news page for Carlmont.

The announcements are a key part of our everyday schedule and help information get passed throughout Carlmont and help keep the students informed, and now students will be able to hear a wide variety of voices on the PA system.