Frosh-soph basketball beats Pinewood

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Frosh-soph basketball beats Pinewood

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The frosh-soph boys basketball team played against Pinewood High School. After a lot of training and practice plus games, they were more than ready to face Pinewood.

Carlmont’s Oliver Surovell won the tip off for them to start off the game. Both sides had a slow start in the game only scoring 6-7 with Carlmont behind. There were plenty of missed shots which could have changed the game around. They also had a few missed lay ups.

Carlmont got back on track and got ahead and took the lead 12-9 in the second quarter. They did a lot of passing around throughout the entire game trying to get to the open man for the shot. They also had a lot of steals against Pinewood, which gave them an easy two points.

The second half came around with coach Scott Jacobs, going through the bench a little bit more and playing more freshmen. The freshmen kept up the lead getting the score to be 35-19 in the third quarter. With more subs than Pinewood, Carlmont had the ability to give the starters a break.

Carlmont outplayed Pinewood on many levels beating them 41-25 with Carlmont only having five fouls to Pinewood’s six.

The fans were filled with family, friends, and students cheering and pumping up Carlmont to get the win.

Sean Yao said, “I think the season is going to go well … and the freshman will help out a lot.”

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