Freshmen basketball team start the season right


Greg Lau and Spencer Enriquez defend each other on the court

Alisa Takahashi, Art Team

Carlmont High School’s new Freshmen basketball team redefines the definition of teamwork as they work together to train harder than ever to play their very best this upcoming season.

Jason Jung defends Spencer Enriquez
Jason Jung defends Spencer Enriquez

“This year is the first year we have a freshman team at Carlmont. We’re training really hard, and I can see the potential of my young players in just a couple practices,” said Coach Matt Ho.

Basketball can be considered as an individual sport because of the numerous statistics that measure things like an individual player’s field goal percentage or their minutes played per game.

The Carlmont Freshmen  team takes basketball further, demonstrating the key essentials of a winning team– teamwork and synergy with one another.

“This season I really want my boys to learn to play as if they were a machine. A machine cannot operate with one part not doing it’s job, just like a basketball team. All players need to learn how to work together and play as one,” Ho said.

Players on the Freshmen team are slowly starting to learn the meaning of a team effort.

“My favorite thing about high school basketball are the people on the team. I love playing with my friends, and it makes the sport that much more fun especially during those tiring practices,” Greg Lau said.

Looking forward this season, the team’s goal is “to beat Sequoia and have a winning average,” said Govin Nagpal.

The team plans to accomplish this goal by “learning how to play and win as a combined effort and working hard on and off the court,” said Spencer Enriquez.

“Once my players learn the value of teamwork and become more familiar with each other, the sky is the limit for my boys and I have no doubt they’ll go far this season,” said Ho.