Girls varsity basketball unsuccessful against Hillsdale


Coach Ron Fontana watches anxiously as Stephanie Tong-Woo shoots the free throw

Claudia Leist, Highlander Editor

The Carlmont Scots girls varsity basketball team had a hard time keeping up with the Hillsdale High School Knights on Wednesday in the third league game of the season.

Carlmont had a height advantage over the opponent, but it didn’t seem to take effect. Hillsdale was quicker to the ball and reacted smartly upon Carlmont’s mistakes. Junior Anisah Smith was out for the game due to a concussion, which took a toll on Carlmont’s offense.

The Scots began the game with a half court press, but didn’t catch up until the end of the first quarter by playing good defense. After various turnovers, trouble running offense, and running out the shot clock numerous times, Carlmont was able to hang on.

Rebounds were scarce for the Lady Scots in the second quarter and turnovers negatively affected the score and their confidence. Hillsdale managed many fast break layups off of Carlmont turnovers and Carlmont had slow offensive movement. As Hillsdale pushed the ball up court, it became harder and harder for the Scots to keep up. The quarter ended at 22-13 with Hillsdale in the lead.

“We aren’t being able to hold on to the ball. Hopefully in the second half we can get our heads in the game and catch up,” said sophomore center Erin Lucett.

As the third quarter started, Carlmont continued to get outrebounded and commit turnovers. Hillsdale’s turnovers increased as well, and Carlmont began playing better defense.

As the fourth quarter came around, Carlmont continued to give up rebounds and Hillsdale scored off of many second chance points. The Scots’ defense improved, but the game ended at 36-29 at the final with a Hillsdale victory.

Erin Lucett was the high-scorer at 11 points and Sabrina Miller trailed with six.

Coach Ron Fontana watches anxiously as Stephanie Tong-Woo shoots the free throw