Gwen Stefani is back with ‘Baby Don’t Lie’


Interscope Records

The single debuted at number 46 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Gwen Stefani VEVO

Kiera Pendleton-White, Staff Writer

Stefani’s new single “Baby Don’t Lie” brings her back onto the music scene as a solo artist.

In the beginning of her music career, Stefani started out as the lead singer and co-founder for the rock band “No Doubt.” But during the band’s first hiatus period from 2004 to 2008, Stefani embarked on her solo career by releasing her first album “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”

In her solo career thus far, Stefani has won a total of four awards: a Brit Award, a World Music Award, an American Music Award, and a Grammy.

She has released two full albums in her solo career, her second album being “The Sweet Escape.” Its most popular song was the second single of the album and its namesake, “The Sweet Escape.”

“Baby Don’t Lie” is the first song Stefani has released as a solo artist since releasing “The Sweet Escape” in 2006.

The single is quite different from her previous singles such as “Rich Girl” and “Hollaback Girl.” The song has a techno-like feeling that is the typical trend of today’s music instead of the old hip-hop and soul feeling. “Baby Don’t Lie” also has a more mature sound compared to her other singles.

The lyrics of “Baby Don’t Lie” express a theme of tension in a relationship and includes phrases such as, “I don’t wanna cry no longer,” and “I’m a’ need a love that’s stronger.”

Tension is also reflected in the music video of the song with the chaotic shifting background and rapid changes in color. The video also incorporates aspects of the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz,” such as the yellow road that Stefani walks on.

Overall, the song is fun to listen to and it’s as quirky as the artist who sings it. It seems that Stefani is full of new ideas and I’m eager to hear what she comes up with next.