Happiness is coming our way


From left to right: Natalie Tussy, Adelyn Yau (co-presidents), and Kiana Ghazouli (secretary).

Claire Porter, Staff Writer

A new club on campus aims to change Carlmont’s vibe.

Carlmont junior Adelyn Yau is pioneering the new Happiness Club. Yau’s main goal is not to fundraise or complete hours of community service, but to simply, “organize successful events that will make everyone’s day. We want to create a club to make people’s time at school a bit more enjoyable.”

This idea isn’t new, though. Yau was inspired by Northwestern University’s Happiness Club, and seeing that Sequoia High School also had one that was very successful, she was empowered to start the club here at Carlmont.

To promote a happier dynamic, the club plans on hosting fun events on campus. Club Secretary and senior Kiana Ghazouli said, “For example, we would like to hand out hot chocolate during finals.”

The Happiness Club’s first meeting is scheduled for Oct. 14 in room A11, but club organizers to have meetings on the first Monday of every month. At this meeting, they plan on explaining the goals of the club and brainstorming event ideas.

Many students are already planning on attending the first meeting. Senior Katie Stratton said that she plans on joining because, “It’ll be a nice break once a month from the stresses of school.”

Carlmont sophomore Sierra Segal agrees that Carlmont could use a club to lower stresses. “I walk through the halls each day and think, ‘Wow. Not a single person here is smiling,’” she said. “I’m a really busy student, but this is the kind of thing I want to make time for.”

Though the club may not reach every student, sophomore Rebecca Imison is hopeful that it will still touch many. “Everybody likes to have their day brightened, and even when just two people are in a better mood, it affects everyone else around them,” said Imison.

Though high school can be exciting, it can also be stressful. When asked what the club could provide for the school, senior Katie Stratton said, “It’ll just make Carlmont happier! And who doesn’t like happier?”

From left to right: Natalie Tussy, Adelyn Yau (co-presidents), and Kiana Ghazouli (secretary).
From left to right: Natalie Tussy, Adelyn Yau (co-presidents), and Kiana Ghazouli (secretary).