Helpful driving hints

Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

-Keep a safe cushion of space
This means being aware of the space in front, back, as well as the sides of your vehicle. Keeping a large cushion will mean you will have more time to react and be less likely to get in a crash.

-Be aware of the weather conditions
You should drive cautiously in less than ideal weather conditions. If it is raining, you should reduce your speed, take your time, and drive with your lights on. Avoid pressing too aggressively on either your brakes or accelerator.

-Do not drive drowsy
In approximately 20% of crashes, drowsiness is a factor in the cause of the accident.. If you are tired enough to fall asleep, then you should not be driving. The simple fix to being tired is getting eight hours of sleep each night and not relying on caffeine to keep you awake.

-Do not be afraid of your ABS
ABS or Anti-lock Brake System is the mechanism designed to pulsate your brake pedal to keep the wheels from locking. Do not be afraid of it when it starts to move under your foot and never lift up your foot once the ABS has been activated.

-Watch out for other drivers
While driving you should always expect the unexpected. You never know if the other person will give you right of way even if you should have it. It is impossible to know exactly what the other person will do. You should practice looking ahead of the vehicle in front of you so you can be aware of what may be coming up. For example, if you look ahead and see a lot of red brake lights light up, you know you may have to slow down soon.

-Vehicle maintenance
You would not usually think of it, but it is important to keep your vehicle running smoothly.