Hidden trails of Belmont are the best around


Daniela Torrey

The view on the top of a hill in Laurelwood park is one to be admired.

Everyone’s looking for things to pass the time during quarantine, and there aren’t many options. Hiking, for instance, has been forced to wedge its way into many people’s lives.

Getting out of the house feels like a thrill, an adventure many used to take for granted. When people do leave the house, they want it to be worth the risk. It leaves the questions, where do I go? What trails should I head to? The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem, as every trail has its pros and cons. However, two trails to consider are Hidden Valley and Laurelwood Park.

Near Waterdog in Belmont, Hidden Valley is much emptier and intriguing than surrounding groups of paths, such as Waterdog.

The actual paths are fairly steep, but not too overwhelming to hike. Many trees provide shade and shelter from the sun, which allows for a pleasant, cool temperature throughout the trails.

Although the actual hike is mildly difficult, the views at the top are very rewarding. At the peak, one can effortlessly look over Belmont and many beautiful green hills. Furthermore, the lawns of the houses at the top of the trail are filled with beautiful daisies, little wildflowers, and even California poppies.

This trail is relatively small, and although many paths connect and flow through the hills, the trails are fairly short. Together, the trails make a good place for a relatively quick hike.

Another location greatly worth considering is Laurelwood Park and its surrounding trails. In San Mateo, these many beautiful trails provide an amazing pastime.

This trail had many more paths and routes to take than Hidden Valley. On the other hand, it was notably more busy.

Wearing a mask was required on both trails, but the hikers in Hidden Valley seemed to have more respect for that rule than those in Laurelwood Park.

Besides this setback, Laurelwood Park’s trails are much more of an adventure than Hidden Valley’s.

Many path options lead to many different hiking experiences, and the one I took, which led to the top of the mountain, was breathtaking in more ways than one.

The trail was extremely steep and thus difficult to climb. It took more work to get to the top of the mountain, but it also had a nicer view than Hidden Valley.

The difficult part of the trail to hike was also fairly sunny, which led to a very warm hiking experience. However, the winds at the top of the mountain were the perfect cooldown.

Furthermore, Laurelwood Park had a much wider variety of plants and flowers, which added a lot to the hike. On the different parts of the mountains, you could find anything from Spanish moss to tall wild grass to a beautiful assortment of flowers.

With its vast variety, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy at Laurelwood Park.

Both trails had its pros and cons, and I’d recommend them both for different reasons.

Hidden Valley would be perfect for someone who wanted a quick breath of fresh air, without risking much. Someone hiking for the exercise rather than the experience.

On the other hand, Laurelwood park would be perfect for someone who is healthy enough to feel comfortable around a decent amount of people, and also wants to enjoy their hiking experience.

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