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Review: ‘Skip and Loafer’ is unskippable

Glydelle Espano
“Skip and Loafer,” authored by Misaki Takamatsu, has been transformed into a series.

The feeling of romance lingers in the air as Valentine’s Day draws near, so kick-start this February with the sweet romantic comedy manga “Skip and Loafer.” This manga features a wholesome plot and a lovable cast with healthy dynamics that will make your heart yearn to read more. 

“Skip and Loafer” is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Misaki Takamatsu and has been serialized by Seven Seas Entertainment for English release. The Japanese translation is serialized by Kodansha and is titled “Skip to Loafer.” With seven English volumes released, there is plenty of material available for you to enjoy. 

Takamatsu’s “Skip and Loafer” centers on Mitsumi Iwakura, a small-town girl with big dreams that begins her life high school life in Tokyo. Iwakura’s headstrong focus on her future aspirations blinds her from the realities of big-city living as she makes a mess of her first day, getting lost in Tokyo’s vast transportation system. Her fast-paced start of the day broadcasts her eccentric character to the whole school as she vomits on her homeroom teacher after her schoolwide speech and bombs her class introduction. 

“Skip and Loafer” is a light-hearted narrative of Iwakura’s journey in high school, where she creates new bonds and experiences while staying true to her nature. 

The simple yet addicting slice-of-life high school plot allows characters to really shine through. 

Reading “Skip and Loafer” left me smiling with each chapter. Many romance stories dominating the genre have chapters filled with angst, drama, and overall frustration. I am not saying that these qualities are bad; in fact, they even make the story more exciting and intense at times. However, with those types of stories overflowing in the romance genre, ‘Skip and Loafer’ is a refreshing palate cleanser.  

Mitsumi Iwakura, the main character, fills the pages with admirable energy. Straight off the bat, readers are introduced to her passions for the future and why she is so intent on acing high school. She could be classified as a “country bumpkin,” coming from a small town in the Ishikawa prefecture, far from the big city of Tokyo. However, her quirks add a distinctive charm that attracts the surrounding characters and the readers.

A scene that resonated with me was when Iwakura faced a social situation with another girl. Someone else could have taken the comment as mockery, yet it did not bother her because of her positive outlook on other people, and she ended up being right in her judgment, and the other girl meant no harm. It reminded me how jumping to conclusions leads only to adverse effects, in which, Iwakura’s personality speaks to the reader. She never fails to make the reader smile. Her humorous and positive attitude continues throughout the series, making even the tense parts easy to read.

The characterization in “Skip and Loafer” is a standout feature of the manga. Takamatsu fleshes out not just the main couple, Iwakura and Souske Shima, but the entire cast as well, adding depth to the story and forming relationships. The cast in “Skip and Loafer” gets some spotlight to explore their good and bad qualities, creating well-rounded, complex characters. I love how Takamatsu displays the relationships in the manga because they are healthy and full of communication. The plot avoids prolonged misunderstandings and frustration, which adds to the overall enjoyment of the story, making it a wonderful experience for readers.

I think the element of well-developed characterization for the cast also benefits the romance aspect of “Skip and Loafer” between Iwakura and Shima. As for tropes, their relationship is heading for the “friends to lovers” trope. Iwakura and Shima have many cute moments throughout the manga while maintaining their friendship status. It allows them to truly form a bond that would not be there if they had been thrown into a relationship immediately.

However, their romantic development is slow-paced because of the focus on the overall main cast. Their romance classifies as a slow burn, as it is steadily building as the story progresses. Therefore, I would not recommend this manga to those who enjoy a fast-paced, thrilling romance. 

If you are a “Kimi ni Todoke” fan, you will definitely enjoy “Skip and Loafer.” The main characters are similar as well! And if you prefer anime to manga, an anime adaptation of “Skip and Loafer” is coming to Crunchyroll in April 2023. 

All in all,  I rate this manga a 5/5 and recommend “Skip and Loafer” for those who are craving a simple high school romantic comedy. With an appealing cast and a wholesome plot, this manga is an easy, humorous read for fans of the romance genre. 

Credit: Crunchyroll Connection via Youtube

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Glydelle Espano
Glydelle Espano, Staff Writer
Glydelle Espano is in her senior year at Carlmont High School, completing her third year in the Journalism program. She enjoys digital arts and draws for ScotScoop's cartoon category. Glydelle hopes to cover and review media she likes, such as comics and shows, this year for ScotSscoop. To view her profile, click here. Twitter: @glyjournalism  

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    ItaloNov 29, 2023 at 2:18 pm

    Your writing style is beautiful and full of life; so easy to read and digest information. Thank you for creating this article. I was looking for information on Skip and Loafer and I’m sold!

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Review: ‘Skip and Loafer’ is unskippable