Homecoming is coming

Controversy sparked by upcoming dance


Kelly Song

Students prepare for Homecoming Dance

This year’s homecoming dance will have a new spin, equipped with neon glow sticks and flashing bright lights. With the dance quickly approaching, preparations for a unique and never-before-seen homecoming are already underway.

This dance will be held on Oct. 18, a traditional Saturday night, beginning at 8 p.m.  With this re-vamped version of the dance, Carlmont is expecting more popularity than ever.

“I think its going to be cool because the neon colors contrast the darkness,” said sophomore Adrienne Chin. “Better, more exciting, and brighter.”

Many students see homecoming dance as an opportunity to spend the night with friends, and are enthusiastic about the annual event. Students are seen wearing school colors the week before as an act of school pride, with the signature blue and white attire.

“Homecoming seems fun because you’re with all your friends hanging out and having a good time,” said sophomore Annabelle Lee.

However, some students disagree with theme of the dance. Controversy about the nature of the dance is still being discussed by students around campus, specifically about the idea of a “casual” homecoming. While most other schools hold homecoming dances with formal attire, Carlmont continues to host a casual homecoming each year, causing many students to reconsider attending the dance.

“The theme of glow sounds kind of cheesy and elementary school. Homecoming should be a formal dance,” said sophomore Jessie Chang.

Other students say homecoming promotes unruly behavior among students, and does not display the amount of professionalism one pictures for a  dance. Students believe there is an absence of appropriate music and considerate behavior present during the dance, causing them to refrain from attending.

“I don’t think I’m going to go, because you’re expected to act a certain way there,” said Chin.

With the homecoming leaving a heavy debate among students, the night is approaching faster than ever. Will the new theme revive excitement, or lead to more controversy than ever?