Interact Club encourages students to volunteer


Taya Yakovenko

Interact Club promotes itself to parents and students during an Open House in the Student Union.

Taya Yakovenko, Staff Writer

Interact Club is an international organization that strives to improve the leadership skills of young people and allows them to discover Service Above Self.

Carlmont students worked together to create Interact Club on campus that respects and follows the traditional values and principles of the international organization.

According to Carolyn Yau, a senior and club’s president, “Interact Club provides students with an environment that promotes volunteering and service above self.”

Students participate in various activities that allow them to contribute to the community and improve their leadership skills.

“We are trying to improve the community by helping the ones in need,” Yau said. To make sure that they know about all the opportunities to volunteer, the club and its members try to keep in touch with each other and the organizations that they have worked earlier.

The club cooperates with The Green Team to help them clean up the tri-bins that were implemented in our school earlier this year. They also work with other Interact Clubs.

According to Yau, “At the end of this month, we have a joined meeting with the elementary school Interact Club that is run by the kids.”

In addition, the club has been participating in the activities that were arranged by the city of Belmont.

“Every year we volunteer at the Probus Club Fundraiser as waiters,” Yau said.”We also participated in the Beach Clean Up at Twin Pines Park and helped to sort cans at the food drive.”

The club provides a friendly environment for all its members that ultimately encourages helping in the community.

“All the people in the club were very welcoming when I first joined,” said Mandy Zhang, a senior. “The club is relatively small so we all know each other which just helps to create a warm environment.”

The club meets every other Wednesday in A10. During the club’s usual meetings, students discuss volunteer opportunities that appear in the community.

“During the club’s meetings we usually talk about events, updates, and guest speakers,” said Zhang. “The club allows us to sign up to participate in the activities that we learn about during the meeting.”

The club welcomes all students that are looking for an opportunity to give back to their community.

“I learned about the club during Clubs’ Fair last year,” said Maya Raman, a senior. “I was looking for a club that provided volunteering opportunities and Interact Club seemed like a good fit.”