Interact sets an example for community service clubs


Gianna Schuster, ScotCenter Student Interviews

Carlmont’s dedicated Interact Club members work long and hard to leave a positive influence throughout the community

The Rotary Clubs of San Carlos and Belmont are compiled of countless helpers in our community that is welcome to all, providing a variety of opportunities for humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards.

Interact club logo“We’re like the student version of Rotary,” said junior Claudia Mayoss, Interact’s event planner. “We plan events that involve [Rotary members] as well as people from around the community. We go to the food bank where we sort out food and make sure it gets delivered to people.”

Many students are drawn to community service clubs because they hold the opportunity to display one as “college material.” There is no doubt that this is a popular incentive for students to take part in such clubs.

Junior Liam Young said that many of these community service clubs “make kids who normally wouldn’t do something for the community actually do something for the community.”

Interact stresses that their service is not a result of such incentives, but simply because they are dedicated to the wellness of others.

“Our events are planned so that they make a positive impact,” said Mayoss, Interact’s event planner. “We really strive to make sure that we are making a real difference in other people’s lives.”

Although the club is smaller in size compared to larger community service clubs such as California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) or Carlmont’s Key Club, this is not a setback for Interact. The club members are active participants in community service events all year long, and its club leaders put in a large amount of work to make all their events possible.

“Community service is one of the best things that you can do to show that you really care about the people in your community. I think that [Interact] plays a big part in that,” said senior Gabe Crespin.

Interact has a noticeable spark that makes them stand out – they are motivated by the well-being and happiness of the people in their community and not just how they can display themselves on a college application.

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