JV basketball reels over tough loss to Gators


Jonny Pappas

Grant Acker takes a fade away jump shot from the free throw line. Late in the fourth quarter the team is trying to make a push.

Jonny Pappas, Staff Writer

Although this was a preseason exhibition game, neither of the teams seemed to know that. The intensity throughout the game was extremely high, right down to the last shot.

The lack of practice was very prevalent in the Scots play during the game, as they had numerous turnovers and mental mistakes. Carlmont loss to Sacred Heart Prep 47-32 on Dec. 1 despite keeping it close through the 3rd quarter.

Head coach Josh Wellman chalked this loss up to the team’s turnovers.

“I don’t think it’s anything that they did in particular. It was us having a total of seventeen turnovers for the game,” Wellman said.

It was a hard fought defensive battle by both teams with sophomore Zach Burgos scoring six of the teams first seven points. The score at the end of the first quarter had Sacred Heart up 8-7.

The fouling by both teams had an impact on the game. From start to finish there seemed to be a foul on almost every other possession.

“They called fouls for us that weren’t fouls and they called fouls for them that weren’t fouls. That made it so the game couldn’t run as smoothly,” said Burgos, who had a team high of twelve points.

Sophomore Sammy Bean thought less of the fouls and looked at himself and his team for the reason they lost this game.

“We let is slip away by not playing our game,” said Bean.

Heading into the fourth quarter the game was within reach of the Scots but they could never convert the crucial possession.

“We lost our composure. We were to hyped up on adrenaline and we were throwing bad passes and we didn’t stay under control,” said sophomore Grant Acker, who had six points, all coming in the second half.

The team looked unorganized and in definite need of more practice and team chemistry. With assist numbers as low as they were and turnover numbers high, it was easy to see why they struggled during the game.

Wellman said, “We beat ourselves.”


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