Junior varsity basketball returning with a vengeance

Junior varsity basketball returning with a vengeance

Daniel Wang, Staff Writer

After two easy wins for the junior varisty boys basketball team, they ended up missing out on first place in the South City Tournament championship, a high school basketball tournament in South San Francisco.

“We worked hard and played to our potential,” returning sophomore player Julian Billot said. “Unfortunately, we ended up missing out in the championship.”

However, this is only preseason. There are many more games left for the JV side and over a month before the first league game. This year, the team is back with one goal in mind: winning the PAL championship.

“We have a lot more height in freshman this year,” Billot stated. “The freshman will definitely help us win the PAL this year.”

This year, the JV team is stacked with freshmen talent, with 11 freshman compared to seven sophomores.

However, the surplus of freshman has one gaping problem: the lack of experience. High school basketball is a lot faster and aggressive than middle school basketball.

“There’s a lot of players on our team who haven’t played a high school game yet,” Billot said. “But they should get used to the high school game a lot more.”

The JV team has a practice or a preseason game six days a week now, pushing players to get into shape for the season. Their first conference game is at Woodside on Jan. 11.

According to Billot, “We have a talented and deep team with a lot of great players. We should do well if we play hard.”