JV boys’ volleyball emerges victorious over Aragon


Brian Olivares

The team breaks after the huddle to return to the game.

Brian Olivares, Staff Writer

The Carlmont Scots had a flawless victory over the Aragon JV boys’ volleyball team, taking a victory in both sets.

The game started off lightheartedly and the Scots claimed a 12 point lead, however both sides were ready for a good game, as the Dons soon ended the Carlmont streak.

“It was not as competitive as I thought it would be because the way we train during practices is to prepare for those times. Sometimes we go against our varsity team to keep ourselves more competitive,” said Micheal Lapuz, head coach.

The Scots continuously scored against the Dons, giving themselves a huge advantage in the set. After this, the Scots kept and furthered their lead against the Dons. They maintained this steady pace throughout the first set and stayed dominant. After the initial shut down, points scored by the Dons made little difference, due to the huge gap in score that came about.

Carlmont quickly took the first set, leaving the Dons far behind. The score read 25-6.

When play resumed, the Scots took an early and aggressive lead once again. After the Scots had a six-point lead, the Dons scored their first point of the second set. The Scots, bringing themselves to a nine-point lead, kept ahead, even after the Dons started a streak of scoring.

“I think it went pretty well, especially the first game. We messed up in the second game,” said Maxil Ertl, a junior.

The Scots continued to take control of the game and stay on top of the Dons for the remainder of that set. This led the Scots to win the second set and take home a victory over the Aragon team.

“We were in the right headspace and we just played,” said Miles Ozorio, a freshman.

When the team was finished with their game, they gathered their equipment and listened intently while their coach talked with them about their performance in the game and how it went for them. Then, the varsity teams came out for both sides and prepared to begin their game.